Registering with a Dental Staffing Service

business-peopleWEBThere are many benefits to working with a professional recruiting or staffing service.  Primarily, an exceptional agency will be able to represent you and your experience to the highest level to a potential employer.  An experienced agency knows their market and trends and can help guide you through the employment process. In addition, temporary assignments are a great way to gain a variety of experience to build your resume!  An experienced and reputable agency will be working with clients that expect the highest standard of referrals.  If you are considering working with a staffing company look for the following:

1.  They take a personal interest in you and your career goals Will they meet with you in person? If they just want a resume, they will never be able to represent you to your unique and highest standards.

2.  They offer ideas and suggestions to help you present yourself in the most positive way This could be simple changes to your resume, topics to discuss or stay away from during the interview, or coaching on how to handle a difficult or sensitive situation.

3.  They protect your private information  A reputable staffing firm will NEVER send your resume out with out your permission.  Confidentiality need to be respected.

4.  They know their clients  An established and well respected agency knows their clients.  It is in our best interest to make the best referral possible.  When the client is happy, the applicant is successful and we have done our job!


About San Diego Dental Personnel Service

San Diego Dental Personnel Service is dedicated to providing ethical and professional employment referral. We recruit and refer for all positions in the dental office. We accept a variety of experience levels and backgrounds. We take pride and satisfaction in working to make that perfect match, whether it is for a single day or that permanent career move. We are employer retained-there is never a fee to applicants.
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