5 Quick Tips For Successful People in a New Job


Now that you have a new job, you want to guarantee success for yourself!

Employees who have worked temporary assignments are generally skilled at adjusting and adapting to new positions quickly and successfully!  Whether you are working a single day assignment, a working interview, or are starting a new permanent position, there are a few tips to help you be successful!

#1  A positive attitude – no matter what!  A recent survey was conducted that showed most employers will accept a candidate with less skill – if he/she had a positive attitude. Avoid negative and comparative comments and leave the drama, at the door!

#2  Listen!  Follow their established protocol.  This is not the time to suggest new or better ways to do something. If you don’t understand, or are inexperienced in a procedure, ask!

#3  Pay close attention to the “unwritten” rules.   This involves interpersonal relationships among staff, and how you are expected to relate to patients.

#4  Be certain you have a clear understanding of what the dentist, coworkers and office manager see as your progress.  It is important not to focus on what you think is expected, but on what they think is expected.  Success cannot be attained without clear expectations.

#5  Show them you belong in their office! The first few weeks, your new employer and staff will be assessing your long term partnership with them. Begin by building professional relationships with those you work most closely with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Always listen.  Show that you can adjust to their ways!

Settling into a new office can be stressful.  Take time to build new relationships, learn a different way to do something and enjoy your new success!


About San Diego Dental Personnel Service

San Diego Dental Personnel Service is dedicated to providing ethical and professional employment referral. We recruit and refer for all positions in the dental office. We accept a variety of experience levels and backgrounds. We take pride and satisfaction in working to make that perfect match, whether it is for a single day or that permanent career move. We are employer retained-there is never a fee to applicants.
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