Elevator Speech

When you have an interesting elevator speech, your listener is hooked and wants to know more about you. This can quickly elevate you from the 100’s of other job seekers.

Imagine yourself in the elevator, and the only other person with you is the decision maker for your dream office. You have 20-30 seconds to sell yourself.  Don’t waste a moment! What do you say?  How do you say it?  Don’t become tongue tied or miss leaving out any great details.  Go……

Most people stumble before they get started, or worse yet cannot even begin.  Take the time right now to write out your 30 second speech. A polished, relevant and well delivered elevator speech is a powerful tool in your job search!  There are 4 easy steps to success!

Let’s get started

#1   This is the  BIG critical part…..you need to tell them about you, but don’t bore them by listing your qualities:  “I am a great hygienist and I know how to relate well with people” or “I’m prompt, easy to get along with, a hard worker, you won’t be sorry if you hire me”.  I can tell you right now, the conversation is about over.  You need to show them the results of what they get if they hire you! For example, a dentist could lead off with, “I keep teeth and the people attached to them healthy”.  Start by writing down what you do, but not your title (RDA, RDH etc)-what is the BENEFIT of what you deliver? “I keep teeth and the people attached to them healthy”  (Healthy teeth)

#2  Keep it to 30 seconds or less.  Anything more, and you loose their attention. Remember, this is SUPPOSED to be short and concise. This is your single WOW moment!  Not where you overload them with your career or educational history.  One or two significant benefits is enough.

#3  You need a visual or an antidote. Hopefully, you know what is important to this employer. Keep it relevant to your listener.  A quick antidote on how you  meet their need will be invaluable.  This is also a great way to tell about yourself. Why are you passionate about dentistry and your job?

#4 Next -practice!  become confident and solid in your presentation.  Practice in front of a mirror, or record your speech and listen to it.  Make revisions and adjustments, then ask a friend to listen and provide honest feed back.

You never know when the perfect opportunity will present itself.  If you are actively interviewing, you most likely will use segments of your elevator speech during the interview process.


About San Diego Dental Personnel Service

San Diego Dental Personnel Service is dedicated to providing ethical and professional employment referral. We recruit and refer for all positions in the dental office. We accept a variety of experience levels and backgrounds. We take pride and satisfaction in working to make that perfect match, whether it is for a single day or that permanent career move. We are employer retained-there is never a fee to applicants.
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